Why is there a great demand for Android Development these days?

The Android from Google is one of the best and highly in demand product these days. With the entry of a lot of smart devices in the mobile marketplace, the Android is getting more and more popular nowadays. As the Android performs superbly in the marketplace, an Android developer could open a whole new world of possibilities for clients.

Android Development has started ruling the smart device marketplace. The expansion of the device is exceptional, with over 16 points hike within just 90 days. No other smart phone has such expansion in such a short time. Since it is an open source, people need not have to shell out authorization fees for developing it. As a developer, you can put your apps on the marketplace where majority of the application download takes rest. The device has a massive group of programmers. As a popular open source development, you could capture boons from this big group.

Android Development means you will have superior return on investment if you are in an Android app store. There are several ways to promote and advertise your applications faster compared to other platforms. Android apps are user-friendly and every app has been created by developers with multi-functional power. These days, some popular application categories include finance, Ecommerce, business, maps, travel, navigation, social networking, mailing, reading, weather, music video and more. The Android is power filled with these and its attraction is not just based on entertainment but also on its usefulness and the fact that users could do anything they like with a single press.

Today, there are just about thousands of applications for the Android device available on the market. Below are some of the finest applications you could obtain for Android devices:

1. Google Maps – you will be able to discover every location and position nearby easily. Now, you need not carry a document chart with you. By simply u sing Google Maps, y you could find almost everything on maps. The application is uncomplicated to exploit and perceptive and completely liberated.

2. Gmail for Android – lets you open your Gmail account through your Android device. Gmail applications support various Gmail logins. Moreover, you could also check your emails and respond to them easily by using this application in your mobile device.

3. Facebook – on today’s internet world, Facebook is extremely popular. With the help of the Facebook application, the mobile owner could stay connected and discover their daily actions with relatives and friends even on the go.

4. Angry Birds – an application developed for Android devices and designed by Rovio LTD, the developer of the application game. Angry Birds is one of the best entertained, valued and downloaded game apps these days. Presently, Angry Birds is widely used by millions of users around the world and almost by each and every Android device user.

The Android device is indeed very popular these days. It is like a one-stop shop for users. There is so much that a user can do with his or her Android mobile device. As the Android device continues to become popular, the need for Android development will also continue to grow. Developing apps for the Android development seems to be a very profitable business venture for developers worldwide.
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